Crisis Management

crisisCrisis Management is a key requirement for organizations to weather difficult phases. While Business Continuity Plans may or may not be invoked, Crisis Management Plans come into play whenever there is an incident to which an organization must respond.

Many organizations balk at the idea of implementing a full fledged Business Continuity Framework considering the time and effort involved. Having over 30 man years of experience in both Business Continuity and Crisis Management, we have come to an understanding that organizations can reap immediate benefits by implementing a Crisis Management Framework in their organizations. A Crisis Management capability can be used for any type of crisis unlike a Business Continuity capability that is mainly required to address catastrophes. Building a Crisis Management capability can be accomplished in a shorter time frame using less resources, yet giving immediate and tangible benefits.

Our Crisis Management Services

We provide the following complete turnkey solution

  • Creation of Crisis Management Plans (including Cyber Crisis Management Plans)
  • Assistance in creating a Crisis Management Team by selecting team members with the right profile
  • Training the Crisis Management Team
  • Design of a Crisis Command and Control Center
  • Project Management during implementation of a Crisis Command and Control Center
  • Implementation of  a Crisis Communication Solution for communication with staff and Management
  • Conducting periodic Crisis Management Simulation Exercises to ensure state of readiness