TalentPool – Together we win

ccnConfidis is a boutique consulting company established in 2011 that works at the intersection of business and technology. We provide consulting and implementation services in security, business continuity and technology. Confidis is keen on working with high quality professionals to deliver it’s client projects. Under its TalentPool program, Confidis is creating a pool of pre-qualified consultants based on competencies.

Why TalentPool?

While there are many competent and experienced freelance consultants, their inability to market themselves results in non-utilization of their time and expertise.

Confidis has built a strong brand over the years delivering projects across sectors and services. We receive requests to handle projects and at times we are unable to accept them due to non availability of consultants or niche nature of requests.

In order to address this requirement, Confidis has launched the TalentPool that will be beneficial to both freelancing consultants and Confidis. Through the TalentPool, we plan to build a consultant “Cloud”, that can be drawn on to deliver projects when needed.

Domain expertise we are currently looking for

  • Cybersecurity
  • Information security
  • Cloud security
  • Business continuity
  • IT Disaster Recovery
  • IT Infrastructure
  • Cloud Architects
  • Technology Advisory
  • Trainers in above domains


  • Concentrate on execution of projects rather than worrying on where the next project will come from, Confidis will do all marketing and sales required to win work
  • You get paid based on work delivered
  • Increase the number of billable hours as Confidis will generate work even when you are busy on some project
  • You will still be your own boss while deriving benefits that a company brings
  • You can accept or reject work based upon your commitments at that point of time
  • In case you refer work to Confidis, we will pay you a finder’s fee

Qualification criteria

  • 5 – 20 years of experience
  • International certifications are added advantage
  • Good career track record

Enrollment process

Send your CV to info (at) Confidis (dot) co

You CV must include details of your academic background, certifications held, work experience, location. Kindly mention TalentPool in the subject of your email. We are currently looking for consultants located in India.

We will evaluate your CV and then if it meets our requirements we will hold either a face to face or Skype interview and empanel you.