About Us

Confidis (\kän-fï-dis\) works at the intersection of business and technology. We believe that this intersection creates great value for both organizations and customers.

So what’s with the name Confidis?
Confidis is a Management Consulting company that is passionate about helping organizations to succeed by becoming their confidants. In fact, our name has been derived from this special relationship.

What does our logo mean?
Our logo symbolizes our commitment to provide advice that our clients can truly rely on. It is a graphical representation of the “eternal” banyan tree under which discussions were traditionally (and even today) held and decisions made. It also represents our commitment to sustainable business practices.

What work have we done to date?
Our extensive experience in providing management consulting services in various domains including strategy, operations, Information Technology, security, and training enables us to provide innovative ways of developing people, skills and business that can make a difference to you and your company. We believe in having our “skin in the game”. Hence, our services extend beyond providing merely advice to management. We are prepared to implement the advice we give.

We provide expertise to companies requiring specialist assistance in Business Consulting, IT Consulting and associated training needs.

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